Mountain Bike Leading! 

Working within the British Cycling Mountain Bike Leader Level 2 remit with a night time leader bolt-on, we lead mountain bike trips/sessions in a friendly motivated manner that leaves participants feeling a sense of accomplishment and looking for more!


We can deliver all kinds of sessions from corporate days to introduction to night riding, we even can award Go MTB certificates. 

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Indoor Climbing Instructing!

Games, games and more games! We pack our sessions full of climbing games because we know that climbing should be fun, scrap the hardcore problems, we just want to play! 

We have over 20 games that we fit into sessions so that participants can learn key skills whilst having a blast! Our aim is not to intimidate but rather motivate and celebrate all accomplishments made by all participants in order to bring them back to the wall again. 


Currently working under a Climbing Wall Award (CWA) we can deliver climbing sessions to top roping groups on manmade climbing walls with a safety regime.

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