The Funky 


Are you ready to get funky?! 

If you can imagine conquering a obstacle course that has you climbing, crawling and running on all fours all while being blasted by funky colour powder, then you can imagine The Funky Mountain! 

The Funky Mountain is a family friendly activity that has participants complete an obstacle course on a loop, why a loop?. Because our obstacle course is so good we let you do it again and again and again and again and again and again and.. well you get the point! 

To enhance the experience we pair each obstacle with a colour-blasting station where participants are covered in a corn starch colour powder! 

Each Funky Mountain Lasts 1 hour and all participants must be aged 6+ to take part in this fantastic event that is guaranteed to put a grin on yer chin! 

What is the funky mountain?!

About the course!

Intensity but not as you know it, we design our courses to be short but powder filed most being a length of around 0.1 miles. The course creates a loop and you can lap as many times as you want in one hour meaning it can be as short or as long as you want it to be!

Our obstacle courses are family friendly featuring easy and hard lines, with all obstacles placed closely together, easily achievable you don't have to run far or fast to lose yourself in the funky fresh fun of it all!

Each obstacle is paired with a colour station to enhance the experience. All powder is thrown and blasted at the participants to achieve a maximum multi-colour mug-shot, so get ready to get some colour this summer! 

2020 Events line up!

Check out the promo video!

This year we are returning to Muddy Boots Fife to bring some colour their summer of outdoor play! This year we are mixing it up with new obstacles new challenges and maybe a bit more mud!

Our 2020 events at Muddy Boots will be some of the best we have ever done!! We have even invested in a new sound system so those funky tunes groove throughout the whole forrest! 

We cant give too much away at the moment but we can promise at least 2 new obstacles and some enhancements to the old ones, including new colour canons! 

Thanks not all!!! Muddy Boots are making gigantic changes to what they provide and are installing an amazing indoor wooden climbing area designed by Caledonia Play! Not to mention other editions like increasing the size of the peddle carts track and new swings and seesaws, pair all that to their existing waterslide, sorbing, jumping pillows and more fantastic activities! Muddy Boots is definitely the place to be this summer!






June 21st 2020 

August 1st 2020


Tickets, Get your tickets here!

Ticket Prices:
Firstly, YES! Parents do go free!!
For everyone else we have 3 tickets available! 

Keen Bean 09/12/19-30/03/20


Early Bird 31/03/20-01/06/20


On the day 21/06/20+01/08/20


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What ages can take part? Answer: Ages 6+

  • Do Parents/Gardians go free? YES! we are trying to encourage as many parents to take part as we can this year so if your a funky mumma who wants to take part just select a parents go free ticket on the ticket sales page! 

  • I have athsma, Is it safe for me to take part? Answer: In short, no. The Funky Mountain involves a lot of excersise paired with a lot of airborn powder and though it is perfectly safe to humans and plants, it could cause your athsma to play up.

  • What time does the race start? Answer: This depends on what slot you book into! There is  a 12:00-13:00 slot and a   14:00-15:00 slot. Registration for all slots opens at 11:00.

  • Does the colour powder stain cloths? Answer: No. Our suppliers ensure us that its very unlikely it won't wash out. Plus after 8 events my jeans are still just blue! ;) 

  • I'm not sure I’m fit enough to take part? Answer: You and only you can determine if you are fit enough to take part. However, the course is very short and you can take it as slow as you like! Relax! It's just a bit of fun! 

  • Do I get any money off Muddy Boots activities if I have a Funky Mountain entry?! Answer: YES!! You get 20% off and parents go free! (on the 10h of August only).

  • What should I wear? Answer: Clothes preferably ... old ones that you don’t mind getting a bit funky! A grippy pair of scruffy shoes are never a bad idea! 

  • Is this safe? Answer: Yes! However, it does involve a certain amount of risk that you should expect when you take part and accept the possibilities that you may fall and injure yourself.

  • What about getting colour in my eyes/mouth? Answer: Don’t worry, the powder is harmless and we will have cheap sunglasses and Funky Mountain snoods available for sale to cover your face! Alternatively you can bring a pair of sunnies and a snood from home!

  • How long does The Funky Mountain last? Answer: Typically we get an hour of activity after everyone is briefed and warmed up!

  • How do I get to Muddy Boots Fife? Answer: Please enter 'Muddy Boots Fife, Balmalcolm, Cupar KY15 7TJ' into your GPS or Google Maps! VOILA! Technology! :D 

  • How do I register? Answer: When you buy your tickets you will be asked to complete registration. If you are buying tickets on the day you can register at registration! 

  • Is it cheaper to buy online? Answer: YES! Keen Bean tickets are £15 online up until the 1st of July 2019 then Early Bird tickets are £18 per participant till 1st of August 2019 when online sales end. There will be tickets on sale on the day - subject to availability.

  • If I have any other questions how can I contact the event organiser? Answer: Email

  • What is the refund policy? Answer: There are no refunds available.

  • Does entry to The Funky Mountain give me access to Muddy Boots too? Answer: No you must pay a separate entry fee to have access to their facilities. 

And thats it!! If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at and please don’t forget to like our Facebook Page!

Past Events


Are you looking to ad value to your spectacular event? We can help! 

The Funky Mountain is an add on event that you hire as an activity to add value to your event! 

We will do all the organising for The Funky Mountain and will promote your event at the same time, expanding the demographic that your event draws in.

 All you have to do is provide a select a payment method, venue and first aid cover

If you wish to know more you can click the photo on the right to view a pdf of prices alternatively you can email!